Strengthen your childs motor skills with easy everyday exercises that doesn't require any tools

When your child is between 6-12 months it is important to introduce him to more demanding exercises that strengthens his motor skills, language and learning. 

Here is a couple of exercises that will develop your child’s motor skills:

  • Play “give and take” and practice saying “thank you” and “here you go”
  • Singing and talking to your child will strengthen his sense of language
  • Stacking bricks strengthens your child’s fine motor skills
  • Continue practicing rolling from the back to the stomach and back again. Place an interesting piece of toy slightly away to motivate your child to move
  • Exercise both sides of your child’s body by letting the left foot saying “hi” to the right hand and so on
  • Give your child a lot of swings and make sure to let him hang upside down as much as possible. This will strengthen his sense of balance
  • When your child is learning to crawl it can be good idea to give him a little extra support, by holding your hand under the soles of his feet while he is in crawling position. Alternatively, using anti-slip socks can give your child the needed support when learning to crawl and walk on a slippery floor.
  • Place your child on a ball, stomach down and let him alternate between touching the floor with his hans and feet